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We wrote in the book Know Your Future about Osama Bin Laden using his birth date as 10 March 1957 at 10.28 AM in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, GMT +03.00. This placed his Lagna in Cancer. Based on that, we predicted he would succeed in another major terror attack in February 2014.

We obtained that birth time from websites that specialize in astrology. Since it appeared in more than one websites, we took it as plausible. The transit chart of this man on 11 September 2001 also happened to narrate well with the 911 event. We therefore thought the birth time was correct.

However, on 1 May 2011, he was tracked down and killed by a group of US soldiers. If the birth time had been correct, this man would still be alive. So we now think that the birth time must have been wrong.

By working back from the chart of planet in transit on 1 May 2011, assuming that the real Osama Bin Laden was really killed that day, we now place his Lagna in Pisces instead. Still using the birth date of 10 March 1957, then his birth time must have been between 02.13 and 02.35 at GMT +03.00. This is the hour of an executioner, a man of power, courage who evokes fear in those he sees.

Normally Lagna in Pisces will result in a plump person, but in this case, Jupiter (5), its Ruler is in Insecure position, making him instead tall and thin, well poised. Normally he is a man of peace, neat and orderly, quite and preferring to work behind the scene.

Jupiter (5) makes him call for justice, righting the wrong, likes to teach and preach, a cult master, a respectable teacher. Its Insecure position turns right into wrong, false assumption, misled conclusion, and a destructive cult.

Saturn (7) as Tanuset makes him pensive, loner, repetitive thinking that revolves around the past. Saturn (7), Ruler of Exaltation from Tanukaset, is in the House of Exaltation from Lagna, making him successful as a leader. With Uranus (0), the planet of calamity, in trine to Saturn (7), Tanuset, he is a leader of a revolution, forcing change through violence.

Chart of Planet in Transit on 11 September 2001

His Self in transit (@) is in Sagittarius with Mars (3) as the Ruler of Loss. In his birth chart, Mars (3) is in Taurus, the House of Enemy from @. Loss is inflicted on his enemy while @ is in Sagittarius.

In the transit chart, there is Mars (3), Ruler of Loss, in Sagittarius, the House of Career from Lagna. Loss and destruction goes into his work. Mars (3) is especially strong, being opposite to Jupiter (5) in transit, its Perseverance Pair, and Rahu (8) in transit, its Element Pair.

In the birth chart, Saturn (7) is in the House of Loss from @. In the transit chart, Saturn (7) is in Taurus, the House of Enemy from @. Loss is introduced to his enemy.

Chart of Planet in Transit on 1 May 2011

His Self in transit (@) is in Aquarius.  While there, Saturn (7) is the planet of Kaat, the Special Omen. In the transit chart, Saturn (7) is opposite Lagna. Special Omen reaches self.

Saturn (7) is especially damaging because it is also both Ruler of Enemy and Ruler of Loss from @. Both difficulty and sudden loss reaches self.

Finally Mercury (4), Ruler of Death from @, is in conjunction with Lagna. Although its Insecure and Fall position would normally lessen the damage, Mercury (4) is recovered from both by being with Jupiter (5) in Ruler position and Venus (6) in Exalted position.

Does it mean that our system is unreliable?

Readers may be frustrated to see that the two different places for Lagna, Cancer in the book, and now Pisces in our new analysis, could produce much of the same personality traits that fit the same person. And even with the transit chart of 911, both Lagna positions presented themselves as being equally plausible. Does it mean that our system is unreliable?

No. The system still works fine. However, we should have been able to pick out beforehand which Lagna position was more correct. We should have gone into more details and compared more of his major past events with the charts of planet in transit. The more events that we check back, the more confident we can be about the Lagna position one way or another.

However, the problem is that Bin Laden?s major past events were not readily available with reliable exact dates. This is the same problem with many other celebrities. With the exception of high level politicians, most celebrities do not have enough details of past achievements or failures.

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What is correct birth time of Osama Bin Laden?

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