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(It was posted before British Royalty Twitter announcement on 23 November 2010 that the wedding would take place on 29 April 2011)


How can Kate Middleton use astrology to help with the marriage?

Our suggestion is that the marriage has to take place before 24 May 2011. For details go to!/pages/Know-Your-Future/126188217449039



We use her birth date of 9 January 1982. We do not know her exact birth time. However, by the process of deduction and elimination, we place her Lagna in Sagittarius, estimating her birth time to be between 21.21 PM ? 23.17 PM at Time zone GMT +00.00. If the birth time is correct, the following will describe her life:

Her Lagna (Ascendance) is in Sagittarius. It makes her a person of action, ready to volunteer, love challenging and daring situations, impatient and likes to take on responsibility. She is purposeful and meticulous in selecting friends. She presents herself as poised, collected, peaceful, kind, and respectable. She is guarded in her outward expression, careful in the presentation of herself, with the outlook of a person of simple life style that looks more senior than her peer.

Her Lagna is in conjunction with the Sun (1), the planet of honor, making her ambitious, intelligent, and knowledgeable. She likes to lead, to show off her ability, boastful, likes to exhibit her possessions, and actively wants to build respect for herself. It is also the Special Position for Success, making her life overall successful. The Ruler of her House of Self, Jupiter (5), is in the eleventh House of Luck, confirming her ability to generate support and wealth. Jupiter (5) is also in the Special Position of Plenty, multiplying her success.

The Moon (2) is her Tanu-set indicates the tendency of a person with flair, grand movement, trying to impress others, always presenting herself with good form, a person who loves to pose and to
present herself. She may be active in frequent love affairs and tend not to be shy to make romantic approaches.

 The Ruler of her House of Spouse from Lagna is Mercury (4). Mercury (4) is in Capricorn in conjunction with Venus (6), while Capricorn is her House of Income. Therefore, her major life income will come from her spouse. Mercury (4) and Venus (6) are Element Pair. Being together, they ensure high money success.

The Ruler of her House of Spouse from Tanu-kaset is the Moon (2). At the time of her birth, the Moon (1) is almost opposite the Sun (1), making it a full moon. This makes her a beautiful. It also makes her go for a spouse that is romantic, tender and gentle looking. The Moon (2) is in Gemini in conjunction with Rahu (8), its Perseverance Pair. It indicates that her spouse will be a person of high social and financial status. The fact that the Moon (2) is together with Rahu (8) gives the tendency for a spouse that is quite a bit older than her.

The planets indicate that she might have had a first love before meeting Prince William. The clue is in the fifth House of Children, which is also the house related to romances. The Ruler of the House of Children from Tanu-kaset is Mercury (4). However, Mercury (4) is in conjunction with Venus (6) which is the Ruler of the House of Enemy from Tanu-kaset. Her first romantic relationship was therefore not smooth.

The second romance which is most likely Prince William is determined by Gemini. The Ruler of Gemini, Mercury (4) is together with its Element Pair, Venus (6). The second romance is much stronger.

Gemini is the most important sign for her because in addition to representing the second romance, it is also the seventh House of Spouse. In Gemini there are the Moon (2) and Rahu (8) together. It is very unusual that both of them are in Nawang Exaltation, making both of them especially strong. It also has the Sun (1), the planet of honor opposite. This is why the second romance is with someone of such high stature.

However, there is a weakness in her birth chart. While it was a full moon, there was also a lunar eclipse. The position of the Moon (2) and Rahu (8) almost coincided at 28 degree. This is most unusual. The Moon (2) that is almost opposite the Sun (1) makes it brightest and strongest, but it was weaken by the shadow of the earth passing through just at that time. Therefore, while romance and marriage is what brings her upward most, it is also something that can torment her the most.

How can Kate Middleton use astrology to help with the marriage?

Our suggestion is for the marriage to occur before 24 May 2011. It is a narrow time window, and for that marriage to work out it will still demand a lot of mutual understanding and gives and takes. After 24 May 2011, Rahu (8) will transit from Sagittarius into Scorpio, and the window will be closed.

For Kate, Rahu (8) in Scorpio is opposite to the first House of Self in transit (@). It will be in the Special Position for Hardship. Her House of Spouse will have the planet of hardship, dimming the prospect of marriage. For Prince William, in relation to @ in the birth chart, Rahu (8) is in the House of Spouse. In relation to @, Scorpio is his House of Loss. The planet representing spouse will be in the house of sudden loss. It will also frustrate the prospect of marriage.

We have the utmost respect and goodwill for this lovely couple. We made these comments base entirely on technical analysis, and wish to apologize in advance should anyone find it upsetting.

If you want the relevant planet charts to read along, follow these steps:

1.       Go to

2.       Click at 'Reading Free Personalized Your Future'

3.       Put in Kate's birth date of 9 January and a birth time in between our time estimates, such as 21.22 PM. Time zone is GMT+00.00

4.       Put in the transit date of 25 May 2011 to see Rahu (8)'s new position.

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