Why the birth time that we used for Osama Bin Laden was wrong! (19450) 2 May 2011 19:49  

Why the birth time that we used for Osama Bin Laden was wrong!

In our book Know Your Future, we used the birth date and time for Osama Bin Laden as Sunday 10 March 1957 at 10.28 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, GMT+03.00. We obtained this birth time from several websites that specialized in astrology. Since the same exact time was quoted in more than one websites, we considered it as plausible, but of course we had no way to confirm the birth time officially.


That birth time put his Lagna in Cancer. Based on this, we predicted that he would be successful in another terrorist attack in 2014. It turned out that he was killed by the US operation team on 2 May 2011, negating our prediction.


This prediction of another attack was written with a really heavy heart. We didn?t want readers to feel pessimistic, but felt compelled to tell what we honestly saw based on technical analysis. We wrote our full explanation. We are actually more than happy that the prediction turned out to be wrong.


If the birth time had been correct, and his Lagna in Cancer, he would definitely still be alive. Jupiter (5) in Pisces, in Ruler position in his House of Exaltation and in Special Position of Plenty, would indicate continued success. So we deduced from his death that the birth time must have been wrong.


Was he really killed?


We think so. On 2 May 2011, there are as many as 5 planets in Pisces, the House of Loss of the world. They include Mercury (4), Ruler of Enemy. Mercury (4) in Pisces is in both Insecure and Fall position, making it weakest. The chief enemy of the world was weakest and was eliminated in the House of Loss.


It paves the way for the world to become better off. There will be a period of calm for the world when Jupiter (5), the planet of goodness, transit into Aries to be in conjunction with the world?s Lagna, and Rahu (8), the planet of rogue, transit into Scorpio, the House of Death of the world. Both will occur in May 2011.


We still maintain that our system of transit prediction does work, and work very well. In this case, it is the birth time that was wrong and we had no way to verify it beforehand.

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