2. Simples Steps to getting your free instant personalized predictions:

Step 1 Create your personal birth chart



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Birth date:

(only years from 1800 are valid)

Birth time:

(Customized predictions are effective only if you know your birth time.)

Time zone:

OR manual input

Please add 1 hours if Daylight Saving Time was in use when you were born (or select the next time zone down the list).

If you would also like to read your predictions for a specific date or time interval, please choose the date for our Changing Events (Transit) reading.

Transit date:

Transit time:


There will be 3 different transit readings available: 12 months from specified transit date, 1 month from specified transit date, or on the exact specified transit date.

If you do not wish to specify the transit time, please leave it at 12.00.


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